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The rehabiliation

The rehabilitation of the Rózsi Walter Villa began in the autumn of 2020 according to the plans of the architect László Kokas (Kokas Studio). The project was financed by the Hungarian Academy of Arts and the work was performedby Laki Zrt.
Numerous employees of the HMA MPDC also played a role in the project. An employee of the Research Department, the architect Katalin Bódiné Kersner, performed significant interior design work. The chief curator of collections of the Museum Department, Pál Ritoók, participated in the rehabilitation as an expert advisor, and Gábor Letenyei, the project manager of the Museum Department, also collaborated in the work. Employees of the Research Department, András Fülöp, Norbert Jankovics, and András Koppány performed structural research on the building. Due to this, traces of not only the original paint and masonry came to light, but also details of later remodeling projects. The surveyor Péter Szökrön (Research Department) participated in the survey work.

21st century equipment for exhibitions and events has been installed in the building for its future operation. In addition to exhibitions, the rehabilitated villa will be able to host guided tours, public events, presentations, and small concerts.

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