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Rózsi Walter and her family

Rózsi Walter (1899–1974) was born Rozália Mária Walter and was a celebrated opera singer between the two world wars. She had been accepted into the ballet school of the Opera House already by the age of seven, and then she studied at the Music Academy in Budapest as well as in Milan. Her professional singing career began in 1921, and she soon made it to the Opera House, where she worked until she retired. The height of her popularity was in the 1930s, when not only the musical journals, but also the tabloids regularly reported on the details of her career and her private life.

She moved into the villa with her husband, the textile merchant Dr. Géza Radó, and their child Marika Radó-Walter. Although Modern architecture was not particularly admired by the clients at first, and they even furnished the villa itself with traditional, Historicist furniture, the years they spent here may have had a strong influence on their tastes. At the end of the 1930s, they even purchased another Modern house, a summer home on Lupa Island that Lajos Kozma had originally designed for himself.

The family survived the Second World War in Budapest by sheltering in the villa. After their home was nationalized, the Radó-Walter family moved to Szüret Street in Buda in 1949. Husband and wife lived there until the end of their lives, and they now rest in the Farkasrét Cemetery. Marika Radó-Walter emigrated to South America after studying in Switzerland, and currently lives in Buenos Aires with her family.

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